Daily Word

Luke 7

Read Luke 7 – It starts and ends with faith. 

Our chapter begins with the Centurion, who has faith that Jesus’s word will heal his servant, even without his presence. And ends with the fallen woman at Jesus’s feet, whose faith comes from her brokenness, leading to her grateful adoration. 

In between the two, our tenderhearted Shepherd, Jesus, sees a widow in such grief he revived her son from death right from the coffin! And Jesus has a fascinating interaction with the disciples of John the Baptist. It shows us that we can have questions. Jesus IS Messiah, Son of God, Son of Man.  He is Lord and Savior, and he welcomes questions.

Beloved, is your faith strong?   What questions will strengthen your faith? Where do you need Jesus to meet you?   Ask, seek, knock… Jesus loves you so fully!  💖

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