Daily Word

Luke 1:1-25

Read Luke 1:1-25 – The stage is being set; we shouldn’t rush through.  Luke establishes himself as a person of great discernment.  He carefully investigated the eyewitness accounts of Jesus and the events surrounding him (:2).  He did this so the truth would be a certainty, strengthening all that Theophilus had been taught (:4)…. And we, are also blessed to have and examine this truth!  

The time is set, Herod was king.  The priestly line was established for Zechariah and Elizabeth. 

Zechariah was doing his priestly duties, burning incense in the sanctuary of the Lord, while a great crowd stood outside praying.  The angel, Gabriel, appeared before Zechariah with amazing news.   His barren, older wife would have a son; he will be a man with the spirit and power of Elijah(:17).  What other notable things caught your eye as Gabriel was speaking about this child?

Zechariah questions how this will happen due to his and Elizabeth’s age – and Gabriel pronounces silence over Zechariah for questioning him!  The way Gabriel speaks, the certainty and authority, makes me think of the very one he is announcing – but I don’t want to get ahead of things.

Beloved, humility is so important in God’s economy.  Surrender your pride when seeking the Lord; pray and read His Word with a humble heart.😇🧎‍🤰

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