John 18

Read John 18 – Did it stir emotions up for you?  I mean, John 17 was so warm, and John 18, which occurred just a few minutes later, shows us Jesus’s arrest.  I do love the comparison between the two “I am’s” in vs. :5-:8.  The first time Jesus refers to himself as such, the band of soldiers, officers of the chief priests and Pharisees who came to arrest him, armed with lanterns, torches and weapons, fell down.  Tough guys aren’t so tough in the face of our divine Jesus.  The second time, Jesus says it they did not fall down.  Jesus was in control the whole time.  The first time, they were reminded of Gods power, the second time, Jesus showed his restrained power and protection of his men… asking that they be let go. Next, Peter takes his sword and slices off Malchus’s ear (in Luke 22:51 it says Jesus healed him on the spot).  Jesus gets bounced around in the legal system a bit… accusing an innocent man leaves a lot of blood on ones hands and it seems no one was eager to sentence Jesus.  Peter denies knowing Jesus – fulfilling the prophecy Jesus declared in John 13:38.  So much happened it one night.  Beloved, as you read this, be aware that none if this was a surprise to Jesus and he surrendered himself for my sin and yours.  What an incredible Savior we have!

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