Daily Word

John 11

Read John 11 – Life is eternal.   You may think you know the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, but read it again…. There are things to pick up on that go far beyond the basic story. Jesus knows exactly how he will reveal God’s glory from the moment he receives word that his friend is sick(12:1-15).  He returns to find his sweet Mary and Martha brokenhearted with grief. Look deeply at how beautiful Martha’s faith is, despite her sorrow(12:20-27). Her faith is pure,  but Jesus is about to do something so WONDERFUL and far beyond her imagination. Read :33.  Jesus knows he is about to resurrect Lazarus, yet still he is angry and deeply troubled! We were not designed to die; it is a concession to keep humanity from escalating in sin eternally. The reality of death is very sad, yet beyond that,  we are eternal, which is great news for believers as Martha said.  JESUS WEPT (:35)… Incredible, right?  Jesus understands our sorrow, and he will turn our mourning to dancing (Psalm 30:11)… and Lazarus walked out of the grave.🙏😭💃☝🕺😢🙏

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