2 Samuel 18

Read 2 Samuel 18 – A father’s love knows no bounds.  

David strategizes a military attack against Israel – those who have sided with Absalom, yet asks that they deal gently with Absalom.  Crazy, right?  He is the main opponent.  He created a coup against David, and raped his concubines on the palace rooftop.  

The Lord does most of the conquering as we read in 18:8-9 that the forest killed more men than swords, and that Absalom was even captured by it!  

Joab elects to kill Absalom, against the Kings request. Absalom’s body is thrown into a deep pit in the forest; there will be no funeral, no honor for his death.  It is like a metaphor of hell. 

Joab sends a messenger with news for David, who is heartbroken to learn that Absalom is dead.  It is a peculiar response, considering Absalom’s atrocities, and the bravery of Davids army to risk their lives to stop him, yet David is a father. It is fair to surmise David felt the weight of all the things he could have done better, and the grave reality this prodigal son has lost all opportunity for reconciliation.  I think this is a picture of God’s heart.  He goes to great lengths to offer Salvation to all, but some will fight him and reject him all the way to hell.  Eternal separation from God truly breaks His heart.💔

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