Read 2 Samuel 15

Read 2 Samuel 15 – Absalom challenges David’s authority.  

He is such a sneaky, plotting politician.  Notice his show of distinction (15:1), his fake concern (15:2-3), and false humility shown by shaking hands and kissing the downtrodden (15:5).  Absalom says and does everything to steal the peoples hearts (15:6). 

Absalom takes 200 men with him to Hebron who didn’t know his intentions – still, their presence with him would be taken as agreement…. Let this be our caution to be as discerning with our silence as our shouts.  Absalom offered sacrifices while fortifying his conspiracy plot… keeping up appearances, though his heart was against the man after God’s own heart, David. 

David flees to spare Jerusalem the fight, taking all but 10 concubines (one step below an actual wife) with him, including an interesting fellow, Ittai, a foreigner, an exile, who vows to go wherever David goes – whether it means life or death.  Beloved, may our faithfulness to Jesus be like Ittai’s.

Understand as you read about this coup, God said it would happen because of David’s sin with Bathsheba (2 Sam 12:11).  Sin has consequences far reaching the moment.

King David wrote several Psalm’s during this time. To know him and understand even more, read Psalm 39, 41, 55 and 61.

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