Read 2 Samuel 13

Read 2 Samuel 13 – Grrrr!  What is love? 

Amnon loved Tamar, but his love turned to obsession and then hate.  When love of a person is played out in ones fantasy life, reality and right and wrong get blurry. (That’s just one reason that ponography is so dangerous.)  Amnon may not have acted had his crafty friend, Jonadab, not asked why he is so dejected,  I can almost hear whispers of the serpent asking Eve, “Did God really say…?” (Gen 3:1).  Jonadab then lays out a plan for Amnon to “HAVE” Tamar.  She is so kind and innocent as she falls into his plot.  When he asks her to lay with him (13:11), she does not reject him, but pleads for him to do things the right way (13:12-13).  They had a chance.  Tamar had a chance, but when Amnon’s selfish-love raped her, evil won. 

Tamar remained a desolate woman in her brother, Absalom’s house.  King David learns of this and is angry, but he seems to sweep it under the rug.  Absalom is patient to defend Tamar’s honor by killing Amnon 2 years later…. A heart that festers for vengeance is dangerous.  The most hideous atrocities must be dealt with.

Like Tamar, you may not have deserved the things that happened to you, but please, bring your wounded heart to Jesus.  Only he can bring beauty from ashes. 

Like Amnon, you may be trapped in a fantasy world that keeps you from reality, surrender your obsession to Jesus. 

Like Absalom, you may harbor a desire for vengeance, turn to Jesus. 

And like David, you may be putting off something you need to deal with.  Step out of denial and ask Jesus how to move forward. 

Jesus is the Author of Life.  You can trust him with ALL the details of yours. 

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