Psalm 51

Read Psalm 51 –  Remember when David prayed and fasted for his son’s life (2Sam12:16)?  Psalms 51 reveals David’s heart during that time.  David pleads for mercy based on God’s unfailing love and compassion.  He asks the Lord to do something only the Lord can, to blot out his transgressions(51:1-2)   This is what it is to personally communicate with the Lord.   David prays “Create in me a pure heart,” 51:10 And the words that follow melt my heart.  They are Words I can lean into, whenever sin gets the best of me.  David draws on God’s nature.  David’s ego surrendered; his reverence for the Lord shines.  Enjoy David’s heartfelt plea, and consider how you react when you fall…. God desires a broken and contrite heart, surrendered to Him(51:17).🥺🏳🙏🏻

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